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At FMS, our expertise lie in all aspects of Restaurant operations, from accounting to day-to-day ops. Our services are available as a bundle or a la carte, depending on the needs of your organization.

Accounting and Financial Services

These services include payroll processing, accounts payable and statement functions. Each is described in more detail below.

Accounts Payable

  • Payment of accounts weekly.
  • Invoice verification, coding and check writing.
  • Establish and maintain vendor accounts.
  • Check preview for approval provided.
  • Two options for check processing - checks are processed and sent to you for signing and mailing, or they are mailed directly to vendors with a facsimile signature.
  • All vendor statement reconciled and sent to you on monthly basis.

Financial Statements

  • Income statement/balance sheet preparation for each four week accounting period.
  • Comparison against last years history.
  • Preparation of annual budgets.
  • Comparative statements – actual versus budget or this year vs. last year.
  • Cash forecasts executed based on sales estimates, etc.
  • Preparation of year end trial balances for forwarding to income tax provider.
  • Advise in obtaining competitive credit card processing rates.

Human Resources

  • Payroll Processing: low negotiated payroll costs, as well as biweekly payroll for controlling your cost per payroll check.
  • Payroll tax filing and reporting: quarterly returns and year end W-2 filing.
  • Background Checks: All salaried managers undergo credit, employment, criminal and driving record checks before hire.
  • Record Keeping: Oversee maintenance of all personnel files.
  • Claim Response: Assist in unemployment claims process, including management training on what is needed to be successful in these claims.
  • Benefit program available for key salaried employees (group health and 401k).

Operations and Management Services

FMS oversees the management of all store(s) operations. Our Operations Department has the experience and expertise necessary to determine the best management team needed to properly and efficiently run your restaurant. We provide key management tools, such as the following:

  • Supervision: Assign a District Manager with the experience and ability to hire a Restaurant General Manager and supervise the daily operations of the restaurant and game room.
  • Product Quality Analysis: procedures to ensure products are made properly and up to franchisor standards.
  • Control Mechanisms: addresses key operating items, such as food costs, labor costs, plush costs, game labor costs, and other key controllable costs. Labor costs are controlled with Sales Per Man Hour Charts customized for each restaurant and game room which have been developed by FMS.
  • Bonus System Development: A manager’s incentive program that encourages an owner’s mentality customized for each store.
  • Gameroom Management: FMS contracts ACS, Corp. to assist with gameroom management. The ACS fees are determined in a store-by-store basis depending on concept needs. Fee structures range from $1,000 - $2,000 per month.

Marketing Services

Today’s marketplace is packed with options. The restaurant industry faces growing competition, both direct and indirect. For this reason, our approach to marketing is to tailor a plan that best meets the needs of the marketplace and the store’s locale. Our marketing strategies include a mix of local store/grassroots, social media marketing, and traditional media, complemented by public relations and sponsorship tie-in opportunities.

  • Market and competitive analysis.
  • Recommended strategy.
  • Training tools and ongoing evaluation of marketing strategy.
  • Investigation of avenues to tie into what’s “hot” with customers via media and event sponsorships.
  • Traditional media planning and buying services.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Billing review to insure schedule delivery and desired levels of reach and frequency.


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